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PLUMBING in Maidenhead

Based in Maidenhead, Bray Heating & Plumbing offers fast, reliable and flexible plumbing services. 

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  • General maintenance

  • Pipework

  • Bathroom and kitchens

  • Shower pumps

  • Water softeners

GAS SAFE in Maidenhead

  • Gas pipe runs

  • Gas cooker installation

  • Landlords gas safety certificates (LGSC)

  • Gas fire service

  • Leak detection

Water Softeners in Maidenhead

We install Harvey™ Water Softeners, the UK's number one manufacturer. They deliver soft water by removing hardness minerals from your mains water supply. Benefits of soft water include: 

  • Shinier home 

  • Cheaper bills 

  • Softer skin and hair 

  • Better tasting tea 

  • Less time cleaning 

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